It predicts possible defects, suggests changes, verifies the results. Pro-Simulation is an advanced simulation and analysis service of the mold design and the die casting process that can be used in the different phases of the workflow: practical and fast in the mold draft phase (e.g. optimal size of the connections and vents, optimal choice of piston and number of impressions), very accurate in calculating the dynamics of the fluid (biphasic air/metal software),  effective in understanding the reasons for non-conformity of the casting or wear of the mold.

Anticipates casting and mold defects

The simulation is able to predict quickly and extremely accurately the probability of defects on the jet or mold problems:

  • Porosity from gases
  • Withdrawal porosity
  • Mixed porosities
  • Mold erosionMetallization
  • Pelling
  • Blisters
  • Cold drops and seam lines
  • Oxides
  • Other defects

service includes

The proposed service is always customized and can vary from the simple calculation of filling and solidification of the castings to the optimization of the project, from the thermal simulation of the complete mold to the turnkey supply of the design / simulation / mold package.

The project is followed in close contact with the customer at each stage.

service includes:

  • Mold/Machine Optimization (PQ2 Diagram)
  • Filling simulation
  • Solidification analysis
  • Complete mold thermal analysis

The project in detail

The expert team uses advanced modeling and calculation software, specifically Castle biphasic software, combining them with high-performance hardware to provide solutions in a short time (standard times 2-7 working days).

  • Feasibility study (thickness distribution, optimal choice of press/piston, optimal section of the connections)
  • Optimization of casting layout (sketching of casting channels, connections and vents, filling analysis with and without container)
  • Solidification analysis (preliminary sketch of the cooling circuits, positioning extractors etc.)
  • Optimization of air vents and vacuum
  • Complete mold thermal analysis
  • Reports, videos and images, practical tips