IP67 Industrial HD Camera

The system uses a high-resolution industrial camera capable of operating in both visible and infrared light.
The camera has an IP67 certification, and is protected by an aluminum case against dust, water jets and mechanical shocks.

To ensure a sharp image we use 8 high-power infrared LEDs that are fully integrated into the camera case. We can also provide more illumination with the 12 IR LED version , to ensure quality even in the darkest environments.

The image stream is processed in real time by an embedded processor in an industrial computer , and the results are shown in a 22″ FHD display (touch or standard). Our system has interface with 2 outputs and a 24V input for communication with industrial presses or robots and Ethernet interface for data exchange with enterprise management systems.

C-Cast Plus Proprietary Software

C-Cast Plus software has been specially developed for hot chamber and cold chamber die casting applications.

Our computer vision algorithms are capable of finding defects up to 2mm wide from 1.5m away, thus aiding the identification of errors in the die casting process. The software allows you to select up to 100 areas to check at the same time. Previous selections and settings can be saved and exported, which can then be loaded into the program at any future time. In addition, C-Cast Plus collects process-related data in real time.
The data, saved according to Industry 4.0 standards (CSV format), can be exported from the system for production analysis. The software makes it possible to view statistics related to the process and the number of defects identified.
If an error is identified, our system provides an interface that sends a 24V signal to be sent to the die-casting machine, as well as showing the defect on the screen and turning on an alarm light. The software can also process automatic correction of the casting position and perform self-diagnosis of the camera’s operating condition (e.g., detection of dirty camera). If necessary, an automatic camera protection system can be installed.