Fondvacuum® is actively engaged in the continuous development and innovation of vacuum technology for die casting. We offer foundries a complete service of design, construction and support for vacuum equipment.

With application in the field of die-casting of aluminum, magnesium, zinc zamak and copper alloys, the vacuum allows the reduction of gas porosity, a more constant and controlled quality and the increase of the mechanical characteristics of the product.

Vacuum die casting units

The Fondvacuum® vacuum suction units  allow high performance thanks to the maximum suction capacity with the same overall dimensions (tank volume from 200 to 600 l, pump from 50m3 / h – 70m3 / h). The control units control, with each injection, the vacuum in the mold and the efficiency of the suction system, through a programming, control and data storage unit. Extremely accurate are the filtration system in the intake circuit and the lubrication of the valves.

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Fondvacuum® valves and accessories

Fondvacuum® vacuum valves  can be used over 20 thousand cycles without maintenance and, thanks to the patented compensator, it is possible to keep the moving part hermetically closed with the fixed part of the valve increasing the efficiency of the vacuum in the mold. The integrated valve lubrication system helps to increase their service life and efficiency.

The filter specially designed for the vacuum system allows impurities to be effectively retained towards the suction unit.

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Support service for die-casting systems

We offer a reliable support service, even in the most complex situations, for the design, construction, installation and start-up of Fondvacuum® vacuum die casting systems. The consulting service includes the determination of the evacuation system, size and design of the casting channels and vacuum channels and the optimization of the injection parameters.

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