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Great turnout at the Mambretti Tech booth
At Euroguss 2024 many people and a lot of interest around Mambretti Tech technologies Maybe it was the curiosity to see the Slurry Demo… Read more
Mambretti is now the official GISS Strategic Partner in Europe
At the recent GISS Forum in Bangkok Mambretti and GISS have signed a strategic partnership agreement Neither rheocasting nor semi-solid… simply GISS (Gas induced… Read more
THERMOCOREX New Patent pending
New Nozzle heater for Hot-Chamber Diecasting The new Thermocorex nozzle heaters are the evolution of traditional heaters for hot chamber die casting nozzles. The… Read more
The Semi-Solid future is now and Mambretti Tech is a key player
The 17th International Conference on Semi-Solid Processes of Alloys and Composites has been held from 6th to 8th September 2023 at Brescia University .… Read more

Foundry services and solutions

Mambretti Tech offers to foundries the most advanced technology and targeted support to improve die-casting processes and reduce non-conformities, monitoring processes and increasing the quality of castings.


Vacuum units, valves and services for vacuum application in die-casting of aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloys – zamak and copper.

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Hot Chamber Machines

The new proprietary hot chamber die casting machine branded Mambretti.

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It is the advanced simulation service of the casting process to anticipate casting and mold defects by solving possible non-conformities when the modification does not affect costs.

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Patented Giss technology to obtain high quality castings in aluminum die casting processes, casting under low pressure and gravity, reducing process production costs.

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VISION SYSTEM with HD industrial camera C-Cast Plus software for quality control of cast parts after diecasting or trimming process.

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Laser marking on metals. The direct marking of die-cast components is a
widespread request in the automotive industry to ensure complete traceability from the ejection of the part, during all following processing phases, to assembly and then delivery to the end user.

Automatic ingot loader

CAPTOR- Z automatic ingot loader is a system that allows the progressive and automatic continuous loading of ingots into the crucibles of zamak alloys melting furnaces.

Agile Tools is the Italian manufacturer of AGILEWORK P250, the new manipulative positioner of the molds in the die casting machine that allows you to always work in the optimal position from the point of view of safety, ergonomics and technique.

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